D. Harlan Wilson on the Literary Afterlife of Daniel Paul Schreber

D. Harlan Wilson

The Psychotic Dr. Schreber, the latest book from D. Harlan Wilson, is a nearly indescribable blend of unsettling fiction, historical rumination, and cultural criticism. It’s also an utterly gripping literary work, one that takes bold risks and makes incredible use of an unconventional structure. In revisiting the life of a man best-known for Sigmund Freud’s writing on his case, Wilson details the ways in which Schreber remains relevant today — and traces the way he’s left his mark on everything from medical history to popular culture. I talked with Wilson about the genesis of the book and its unexpected scope via email.

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Vol.1 Brooklyn’s September 2019 Book Preview

And lo, we’re in September. Nominally, the weather should start to get cooler; by month’s end, we might just see the first glimmerings of the coziness that autumn brings. What are we looking forward to reading this month? A whole array of books, from new works by old favorites to long-awaited debuts. There’s a lot to look forward to here; what follows is a look at some of the books we’re most excited about.

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The Academic Novel Turns Surreal: A Review of D. Harlan Wilson’s “Primordial: An Abstraction”

Primordial by D. Harlan Wilson Anti-Oedipus Press One of the rarest, and by far most enjoyable, literary occurrences is picking up a new book by a writer whose work you like and realizing the narrative is precisely the one you’ve always wanted that author to write. D. Harlan Wilson’s Primordial afforded me that unusual pleasure. I’ve been a fan of Wilson’s writing for a few years. With each new book, he stands at the edge of strange fiction and then […]

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