“A Series of Escalating Dares”: Dan Sinker and Joe Meno on Their New Collaboration “Question Mark, Ohio”

"Question Mark, Ohio"

I’ve long followed the work of both Joe Meno and Dan Sinker — the former via his numerous books, the latter via his work as a writer and editor. So when an email showed up in my inbox with the news that Meno and Sinker were collaborating on a new project, Question Mark, Ohio, I was intrigued. The project, a serialized narrative about an Ohio town where objects are mysteriously disappearing, kicks off today on Instagram, with further updates taking place beginning on April 25 on the town’s website. I spoke with Meno and Sinker about the project’s genesis, their collaboration, and the art of the narrative.

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Morning Bites: Rick Moody’s Crazy Rhythms, IKEA killing books, presidential libraries, and more

Rick Moody talks about The Feelies at The Rumpus. Little known fact: sometime in the Middle Ages, a blind prophet said that in 2011, the redesigning of cheap IKEA bookshelves would signal the end of books. Dan Sinker (@MayorEmanuel, Punk Planet) does Twitter fiction for Huffington Post Books. The Paris Review talks to Ishmael Reed about Juice!, his first novel in over fifteen years (on the always wonderful Dalkey Archives). Going to Germany to buy books. The Reagan and Nixon […]

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