Sunday Stories: “The Summer We Ate Off the China”


The Summer We Ate Off the China
by Devin Jacobsen

She has been kneeling over the toilet, arms on the cool of the seat, when the light goes off on the phone. From the far side of the bed the man turns from watching her and reads the number without any name and is about to ask, “Shall I answer it?” but before he is able he hears it coming up into the bowl.

When at last she turns off the light and goes to the bed, so long has it been she would have thought he were sound asleep, but she finds him awake, waiting there, knows he has deliberately stayed awake and is waiting to speak as he coaxes her to his arms.

After a while he clears his throat.

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Horse Thievery: An Excerpt From Devin Jacobsen’s “Breathe Like the Wind at Dawn”

"Breath Like..." cover

Today, we’re pleased to present “Horse Thievery,” an excerpt from Devin Jacobsen’s new novel Breath Like the Wind at Dawn. Jacobsen’s novel, which has drawn praise from the likes of Joshua Cohen and Kevin Wilson, tells the story of a haunted family in the aftermath of the Civil War struggling with the legacy of combat and their own violent tendencies.

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