Vol.1 Brooklyn’s April 2021 Book Preview

April 2021 books

What does April have in store for avid readers? Mind-expanding fiction, incisive nonfiction, and emotionally affecting poetry — and that’s just the beginning. What is perhaps most notable about this month’s intriguing books is how wide a range they cover, from traditional to experimental. Regardless of where your own tastes fall, there’s likely something due out this month that will get your attention. Here’s a look at some of the April  books that have piqued ours.

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Ask For Rose: An Excerpt From Dmitry Samarov’s “Old Style”

"Old Style" cover

Today, we’re pleased to present an excerpt from Dmitry Samarov’s new book Old Style, described by the author as “[a]n illustrated book set in Chicago bars between 9/11 and The Plague.” Samarov has an excellent sense for place, personality and setting; this book brings together his skills as a writer with those as an artist, telling a host of compelling stories along the way.

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