Sunday Stories: “Old Buddies”

martini glass

Old Buddies
by Duncan Birmingham

I stop at a gas station market off the highway for Travis’s favorite chewing gum, jumbo coffeechinos and energy breakfast bars then gun my car across Delray Beach before the whip cream flattens.

The gate guard at Tranquility Bluffs has zero muscle tone and a man-bun. Past the gate it’s a pretty plush set-up; all manicured hillsides, wooden walkways and charming bungalows. I spot some decent talent milling about, gnawing their nails like they just quit smoking and meditating in little matching pajama pants in a semi-circle by a dinky waterfall. I wonder how many are secretly high.

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Sunday Stories: “Gordon’s Revenge”

Gordon’s Revenge by Duncan Birmingham The plan was to meet at a coffee shop on Miracle Mile. He arrived early and was surprised to find her already there and looking more or less like her photos. They exchanged an awkward smile and an even more awkward hug. Thank god she was the right height, more or less.

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