Ted Hearne on Gentrification, Music, and Collaborating with Saul Williams on “Place”

Ted Hearne

The last time I spoke with Ted Hearne was in 2014; the subject was The Source, his collaboration with Mark Doten inspired by the work of whistleblower Chelsea Manning. Now, Hearne has returned with a new album, Placea collaboration with Saul Williams, in which Hearne addresses questions of gentrification in Brooklyn’s Ft. Greene neighborhood. It’s a work that involves countless vocalists, found audio, and a complex structure; it also involves moments of sublime beauty. I talked with Hearne about the genesis of Place and how he developed the themes contained within it.

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Welcome To All That

Welcome To All That by Andrew Bomback 1.  When we first dropped our bags on apartment floors/Took our broken hearts, put them in a drawer/Everybody here was someone else before. – Taylor Swift  For me, New York ended as soon as it began. – Eula Biss  I was riding the 1 train the first time I heard Taylor Swift’s “Welcome to New York,” and I’m not entirely sure if I would have made the connection between the song and the […]

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