Centralized and Off-Center: Talking Fiction and Structure With Gabriel Blackwell

Gabriel Blackwell

Gabriel Blackwell’s fiction rarely treads the same ground twice. He has a particular skill at finding ways to turn the margins of stories and genres into thrilling works on their own, whether that’s cosmic horror or the film Vertigo. The last year has seen the publication of two new collections of Blackwell’s short fiction: Babel and CORRECTIONBabel showcases Blackwell’s writing at its most nimble and at its most structurally innovative, while CORRECTION wrestles with contemporary life in unexpected and jarring ways. Taken together, they’re a welcome return from a talented writer. Blackwell answered a number of questions about the genesis of these stories and how they came together in these two volumes.

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Vol.1 Brooklyn’s April 2021 Book Preview

April 2021 books

What does April have in store for avid readers? Mind-expanding fiction, incisive nonfiction, and emotionally affecting poetry — and that’s just the beginning. What is perhaps most notable about this month’s intriguing books is how wide a range they cover, from traditional to experimental. Regardless of where your own tastes fall, there’s likely something due out this month that will get your attention. Here’s a look at some of the April  books that have piqued ours.

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Sunday Stories: “ALL CAPS”

ALL CAPS by Gabriel Blackwell The reasons the woman had threatened the parents of the murdered child were now, she admitted, more or less completely incomprehensible to her. These were not her exact words. I don’t know what I was thinking, your Honor, when I told him . . . She was wearing a blazer and diamond earrings, but the newspapers covering the trial, having already discovered the woman’s social media accounts, chose to run a photo in which she […]

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