Sunday Stories: “Become Magic”

Become Magic
by Gessy Alvarez

At home, I face a predator. I am in the living room. A plush rug is under my bare feet. Nick is in his club chair, the one he took from his father’s house. Our TV is on, but its sound muted. The cat sits on the rug next to my feet. Where is the dip in the floor? The dip that we feel when we walk from the dining room to the living room. It’s a dent made by 80 years of feet stepping on it. I pace around the room hoping to feel that dent. The cat stalks my restless feet.

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Sunday Stories: “The Last Kingdom in Astoria”

The Last Kingdom in Astoria by Gessy Alvarez I walk down Astoria Boulevard around six in the morning; the street is leading me to the chaos in front of the supermarket where I work. The lights in the neighborhood have been out for over twelve hours. I watch my moving reflection on the darkened storefront windows I pass. Back slumped forward. I look shorter than my six-foot frame. I look like a question mark. Greasy, black hair combed back – […]

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