VCO: Chapter 28

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Chapter 28

Joselyn looks at the clock at the front of the makeshift executive boardroom and it’s after two. 

She sits at the head chair now.

Before, she and Morgen would sit across from me and Everhet. 

And Hans’ chair would remain vacant in memory of his spirit as he travels the world. A visual reminder of his presence. 

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Sunday Stories: “Purple Hand Man”

Traffic light

Purple Hand Man
by James Jacob Hatfield

for Bud Smith

The average length of a stoplight in an area like this is a about 33 seconds. I’m counting while the man with purple hands slows down the car. Rolls down the window. Fires twice on the guy in the passenger seat, three times on the driver, twice on the backseat. Then gone ahead and wrapped the searing hot barrel with a towel. Puts the car in park. Extends himself as far as he can out his own window. 

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VCO: Chapter 27

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Chapter 27

Joselyn has encouraged me to begin developing my own rituals. Things I do to calm down. Per the new installment of the Freedom of Medical Care Act (FMCA 7.3) “rituals” fall under the category of preventative medicine. 

Now every time I brush my teeth I time travel.

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VCO: Chapter 26

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Chapter 26

This week’s QA round table we noticed a strange spike in a competitor’s content—the few competitors we have left. Morgen shows both of her palms to everyone at the table. She says, “I don’t know what the hell you did, but this is an actual tick down for us.”

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VCO: Chapter 25

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Chapter 25

One million square feet of space can hold a little over 17 American football fields. Joselyn heard back from Hans that we were approved to purchase ten million square feet of undeveloped land for database warehouses.

One issue: before DPZ gets absorbed into PPL on paper (we’ve already made the change on the site) we have to sort out the compensation for our initial business partner: Marcus. 

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VCO: Chapter 24

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Chapter 24

While Joselyn and Morgen have been away on business Everhet and I have been able to read a lot in the cabin. 

He needs some time to forest bathe his bad vibes off. 

Turns out he’d been chewing gum before I’d ever met him and I really didn’t know how bad it was.

Did we ever chew gum together?

Did he introduce me to it?

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VCO: Chapter 23

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Chapter 23

I kept my walking pace at brisk. Everhet, dope sick, keeps saying he has to piss. Which evolved into needing to take a shit after several refusals.

“Can’t we just stop and chew a little gum?” Everhet says, “I’ll share.”

I ignored him until the next phase—when he became silent, walking with an expressionless face, almost tired.

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VCO: Chapter 22

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Chapter 22

Doing something for the company is to do something for the family which is to do something for God since God chose the family. And to do anything for God you are therefore doing it for humanity. Clearly. It’s not complicated if you don’t think about it.

But I’m wondering how many of these rituals that are for the company are actually for something else. 

I felt like I was playing on the clock. 

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