Visceral Mythology and Transformational Songs: A Conversation With Jeanne Thornton and Alex DiFrancesco

"Summer Fun" and "Transmutation" covers

Alex DiFrancesco’s collection Transmutation abounds with moments of intimate revelation and transforming bodies. Jeanne Thornton’s novel Summer Fun draws inspiration from a legendary rock band and takes it to a wholly unexpected place. Both books are among the best I’ve read this year, and I chatted with both authors over Zoom one summer evening. The conversation covered a wide range of subjects — from pandemic coping mechanisms to the music of Tom Waits — and an edited version follows.

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Vol. 1 Brooklyn’s July 2021 Book Preview

July 2021 books

This July, your reading might get weird, with a host of new books dealing with mythical history or bizarre futures. Your reading might get insightful, unlocking a new way of seeing the world or an insight about yourself. Or your reading might be relevatory, prompting you to see or hear something familiar in a brand-new way. Here’s what’s on our reading list for this month.

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Afternoon Bites: Chatting With Jeanne Thornton, New David Bowie, Newman and Kesey, and More

  Jeanne Thornton, whose The Dream of Doctor Bantam was excerpted here last year, was interviewed at Bookslut. Hey, new David Bowie album later this year. Melissa Gira Grant on the history of Facebook. Slant Magazine has a look at a new DVD of Paul Newman’s adaptation of Ken Kesey’s Sometimes a Great Notion. Teju Cole shares his thoughts on Michael Haneke’s Amour. There’s a new issue of Storychord up. Follow Vol. 1 Brooklyn on Twitter, Facebook, Google + and our Tumblr.

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