Who Writes “The Writer”? Mallory Smart, That’s Who.

Mallory Smart

When I first heard about the AI program, ChatGPT, I didn’t think too much of it.  You type in a question, and it gives you an answer.  You give it commands and it responds in kind.  I assumed it would be a hyped-up program that would be trendy for a bit then fizzle out, like the AI profile pics I had been seeing.  I was wrong, as I often have been about these kind of things (I didn’t think Facebook or Netflix would last very long).  Then I saw people posting whole essays written by the program.  During a conversation with my brother-in-law, I suddenly saw the potential for writers to use this as a creative new tool.  I could write a book much faster.  I put that thought on the backburner.  Maybe it would be a project for a rainy day.  But I knew that this program wasn’t going to fizzle out.  Then shortly before the start of the new year, Mallory Smart tweeted that she would be releasing a human/AI collaboration book on New Year’s Eve.  My first thought was that the literary world is about to change.  My second thought was, I need to talk to Mallory about this.      

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