Books of the Month: May 2023 Edition

May 2023 Books

How, exactly, did we get to May already? Normally, we’d make a joke here about the collapse of time and space or something similarly esoteric, but the hour is at hand when we should get to the recommending of books. And so here are some book recommendations for the month we’re in — and, if you’re behind on your reading, these books aren’t going anywhere.

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Sunday Stories: “Cheers for Drowning Girls”

Cheers for Drowning Girls by Marta Balcewicz Lisa’s never seen anyone throw their clothes off so quickly. Walter tosses his esoteric-skater-logo t-shirt and green socks on top of his towel. He darts across the beach without looking back and lunges into the lake with a loud splash. A few seconds pass and he reappears, takes a breath, and goes back underwater.

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