Sunday Stories: “The Old Beast”

The Old Beast
by MH Rowe

Something died under the porch most winters. This time it was on the crooked side near the stairs, where the leak from the roof had softened the floorboards. The wood groaned like a ship at sea. It gave off a rotten smell. The scent made Lina think of the old beast, and she wondered if he still lived out there in the lonely places.

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Sunday Stories: “24 Incidents”

24 Incidents by MH Rowe The first incident took place on the gantry above the gravel walkway that Chesterton had instructed us—just the two of us—to widen in order to accommodate the new arrivals, and the second incident took place on the path next to the black ravine. Afterwards, we had to pick out the stones stained most deeply red, and that’s where Edgeby and Talcom fell screaming into the wide abyss. “EEEE,” said Edgeby. Talcom said the same soon […]

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