“A Meditation, A Cleansing”: Michael J. Seidlinger on Writing “Dreams of Being”

Michael J. Seidlinger

Michael J. Seidlinger’s new novel Dreams of Being is simultaneously a haunting story of depression, an ode to delicious food, and one of the most unsettling takes on the creative process I’ve read in a long time. In telling the story of the bond between a novice filmmaker and an expert in sushi, Seidlinger has created a fantastic book on isolation and frustration; even better, it’s a memorably immersive read. I spoke with Seidlinger about the book’s genesis, its literary lineage, and more.

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Vol.1 Brooklyn’s May 2020 Book Preview

May 2020 books

What does May have in store for us, as far as books are concerned? A number of essay collections from some of our favorite writers, for one thing. Throw in some suspenseful novels, a welcome debut, and a book with an introduction from one of our favorite musicians and you have a combination for some terrific reading. Here are some of the books that caught our eye this month.

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