Weekend Bites: Gawking at the Premier of Shutter Island, Flannery O’Connor’s Pad, Sante’s Photographs, Hot Librarians, Henry Miller Wakes up, and More

Olive Reader hangs out with Shutter Island writer Dennis Lehane’s publicist , and she tells us what it was like to go to a big time movie premiere. Let’s take a trip to Flannery O’Connor’s old house. N+1 discusses hockey. Boing Boing discusses Luc Sante’s wonderful Folk Photography: The American Real-Photo Postcard 1905-1930. Henry Miller’s bathroom. Salon discusses hot librarians. Emdashes on The Collected Essays of St. Clair McKelway The woman who loved Stieg Larson. Jackie Kennedy: Socialist Pukekos does […]

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