A Year of Favorites: Nick Curley

A Year of Favorites

Reading about science, economics, and history in order to get out of our bubble. It became important for me in 2013 to read things that weren’t about Brooklyn, American literature, booze, grub, hair, or the fifty-five TV shows you just have to be watching.  I get through non-fiction quicker than novels, because I’m not tearing it apart while I read it.  So I took to the stars and the soil whenever possible.  Livescience, Orion, The New Yorker, Cosmos, Discover, Outside, […]

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Afternoon Bites: Talking With Ken Baumann, Elmore Leonard on Films, Short Songs, Kyle Minor, and More

There is a decidedly eerie portrait of Sam Lipsyte on the cover of this week’s Portland Mercury. (More details here.) Elisabeth Donnelly has a new essay up at The Paris Review. Elmore Leonard on westerns. The Collagist has an excerpt up from Katherine Bucknell’s +1. Kyle Minor was interviewed at Identity Theory. Douglas Wolk on the art of short songs. Blake Butler interviewed Ken Baumann. THE2NDHAND founder Todd Dills is raising funds for a new collection of stories. Calum Marsh on the […]

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