Suburban Fiction and Sharing Words: Alice Kaltman On Writing “Dawg Towne”

Alice Kaltman

Dawg Towne, Alice Kaltman‘s latest and most multidimensional book to date, centers around a series of mysterious canine disappearances in no-name east coast suburbia. Told through the eyes of various eccentric townspeople, all of whom are searching not only for their dogs, but for some inner truth, it’s like The Affair meets American Beauty with a hefty helping of kibble, and all the signature Kaltman heart and humor

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Sunday Stories: “Don’t You Swim?”

Don’t You Swim? by Sara Lippmann If she’s smart about it, Nora can survive the whole boat ride without incident. The boat, a 60-foot catamaran, accommodates 12 other families. Plus crew. Equipment, buffet and bar. Maybe, it’s not even him, standing in line at the port with his wife, her straw tote and rash-guarded twins. His Dartmouth cap a giveaway, but maybe, he won’t recognize her. Abortion Roy. She will hustle to the stern and slather sunscreen on her children, […]

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“I Have a Natural Impulse to Compress”: An Interview With Sara Lippmann

The stories found in Sara Lippmann‘s collection Doll Palace are concise and dizzying, showcasing memorably wrenching scenes from numerous lives in the span of a few pages. Lippmann is equally adept at settings urban and rural, moving from Jersey Shore life to urban absurdism to literary commentary. It’s an impressive breadth of work, and I reached out to Lippmann via email to learn more about the collection’s creation, boundaries, and settings.

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