Sunday Stories: “Disappear Me”

Disappear Me image

Disappear Me
by Steve Himmer

In hindsight we saw the invisible coming. A meme in which photos of teenagers caught in conversation with adults bore the words “Disappear Me” became ubiquitous enough that even I noticed. Then it spread to include photos of anything that looked unhappy listening to anything else, whether a cat or a dog or a small tree overshadowed by a large one. Videos of kids pulling hoods and shirt collars over their faces while talked at by parents and teachers and scolding strangers earned millions of views, and at school assemblies whole student bodies were swallowed by their clothing before baffled speakers trying to teach them how to fend off a mass shooter. Whatever the unwelcome subject, kids disappeared.

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The Woods, The Unknown, and the Monstrous: An Interview With Steve Himmer

It’s a story as old as civilization: a man ventures into the woods to seek his fortune, and finds something menacing and uncanny there. In the case of Steve Himmer‘s new novel Scratch, that man is Martin Blaskett, a man in the process of building several houses near a forest, and the uncanny is in the form of the title character, an ageless, amorphous creature that can enter dreams and alter bodies. There’s plenty of danger to be found in […]

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