Currents, an Interview Series with Brian Alan Ellis (Episode 89: Thomas Kendall)

Thomas Kendall

THOMAS KENDALL is the author of The Autodidacts (Whiskey Tit Press, 2022), which Dennis Cooper called “a brilliant novel—inviting like a secret passage, infallible in its somehow orderly but whirligig construction, spine-tingling to unpack, and as haunted as any fiction in recent memory.” His work has appeared in the anthologies Abyss (Orchards Lantern) and Userlands (Akashic Books), and online at Entropy.

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Start Repeat, 1982: An Excerpt From “The Autodidacts” by Thomas Kendall

The Autodidacts

We’re pleased to present an excerpt from Thomas Kendall’s novel The Autodidacts, out now on Whisk(e)y Tit. It follows a series of events that take place in the days and years that follow a man’s disappearance from a lighthouse, and the relics that he leaves behind. Dennis Cooper said that The Autodidacts is “as haunted as any fiction in recent memory.”

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