Vol.1 Brooklyn’s December 2019 Book Preview

December 2019 book preview

Snow’s on the ground, the winds are chilly, and the holiday season looms. December can be an unexpected month for new books. But there are a host of gems due out in the coming weeks, including a number of great works in translation, some boldly inscribed poetry, and new and unpredictable novels from some of our favorite writers. Here are some December books that caught our eye.

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An Excerpt from Todd Dills’s “Triumph of the Ape”

Triumph of the Ape, the new collection from THE2NDHAND editor Todd Dills, abounds with loving descriptions of Chicago and the Southeast, deadpan humor, and occasional shifts into the surreal. Last week, we noted that it was “a fusion of Barry Hannah and Touch & Go Records” — both aesthetics that we wholeheartedly support. We’re happy to have an excerpt up from it today.   DEATH IN HAMMOND My buddy Mort got married on April Fool’s Day, 2005, his reasoning at upwards of […]

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#tobyreads: Venturing Into the South with Samuel R. Delany and Todd Dills

I was born in upstate New York and grew up in New Jersey; depending on how you keep track, I’ve lived in New York for between fourteen and eighteen years now. What all of this means is that I’m not much of an authority on all things Southern — but, like many a reader of literary fiction, I find myself drawn to a certain quality exhibited by writers from that part of the country. Wiser critics than I can ponder […]

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