Bites: Taschen, Dave Eggers is busy, Egon Spangler, Antony)

  • Got a thousand bucks to blow? Taschen is putting out their most expensive book in five years, and it’s none other than Norman Mailer’s first posthumous work Norman Mailer, MoonFire: The Epic Journey of Apollo 11. If you want a more creative way to blow a grand, I have this really interesting business project called Vol. 1 Brooklyn that could use some funds.
  • You have your Woody’s, and your Scorsese’s, but please, don’t forget Harold Ramis. The man is a legend, and way ahead of his time. Vulture has an interview up.
  • The Replacements: Channeling existential boredom via the Midwest, or the greatest American rock n’ roll band ever? For one night in 1985, it was no doubt the latter.
  • Finally, I like it when I get an e-mail from Ira Glass, even if it isn’t directly addressed to me, but he was asking listeners to donate anything they can to This American Life, because well, they sort of need it more than Taschen does.