Bites: “Essential” postmodernism, Bruni was bulimic, Daniel Radcliffe’s heartbeat, and more

  • The LA Times’ book blog Jacket Copy has brazenly compiled the dorkiest list ever of “essential postmodern reading.”
  • Levi Asher received three copies of the New York Times Magazine this weekend. I, sadly, received none. It’s all well and good though, because I have very little interest in Frank Bruni’s binge-eating, possibly bulimic early years. Shudder.
  • On the same topic, here’s what Gawker had to say about the famed food writer’s “romanticized glorification of a disturbed kiddie psychosis.”

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  1. I must issue a sort of correction to your second bite. The NYT mag is on the coffee table in the front room of your Iowa homestead. Read it if you want…I couldn't get through it, myself.

  2. But WHY is the LA Times list of postmodern reading the "dorkiest list ever"? It just looked like a list to me.

    Thanks for the Harry Potter link. I especially liked the way the interviewer couldn't bring herself to stand up straight at the end, her instinct was clearly to bow low and long.