Bites: New Princeton song, bad children books, fiction issues, the growing influence of Kindle, and more

  • Last year when we conversed with Princeton (pictured above), they were just getting over the heaps of critical praise after six months promoting their phenomenal four song Bloomsbury EP, we hardly had any ideas about their future. Now, nearly five months after that conversation, the group gets set to release their first album on Kanine Records, Cocoon of Love, and have given us the first single, “Calypso Gold“. I now predict that the world is six months away from being in the throws of “lit-pop” mania.
  • L Magazine has their annual fiction issue out – with five stories. This is great and fine, but as I read it, and realized none of the writers are from Brooklyn, I had to ask myself, what’s the point of a regional magazine (in this case, L train-line specific) that typically focuses on event listings doing a fiction issue with no local writers?

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  1. I really liked his story, and I really liked that L Magazine would even bother dedicating an issue to fiction. I just wish they would have looked in their own backyard (where they get all of their content from) for their choices.