Sheryl Weinstein, C’est Moi?

The Death Bed of Madame Bovary, Fourie (1854)
The Death Bed of Madame Bovary, Fourie (1854)

Tracy Quan of The Daily Beast calls Sheryl Weinstein “the latest incarnation of Gustave Flaubert’s Emma Bovary.”

Writes Quan of the abominable heroine:

It’s easier to be lured by cheap solutions or delusions while scattering the boundaries that once kept domestic harmony intact. You needn’t imbibe arsenic to realize that the most irritating thing about Madame Bovary is the fear you might become her, even a little bit, and screw things up quite a lot.

So what keeps desperate housewives away from the arsenic even after “screwing things up a lot”?  These days, it’s a book deal.  Thankfully, they’re easy to come by if you’ve had a 20-year relationship with Bernie Madoff (and even if you haven’t).