Bites: Dickens as the modern dad, Ivy Pochoda to make publishing history, Tao Lin saves, and more


Could Dickens be a role model for the parents of today, or was it that he just had O.C.D.?

  • Ivy Pochoda is the featured reader at our upcoming Vol. 1 Brooklyn Storytelling series.  With her new book The Art of Disappearing (St. Martins Press) out tomorrow, which coincidentally is the same day that Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol hits stands, Ivy says that together, the two of them combined will make publishing history.    This points to a good sign for our Thursday reading.
  • Sure Moby Lives, you go an take the summer off and now you think you can come back and say that Shoplifting From American Apparel is going to “save the book industry“.  Okay, so we missed you, and we will let you say whatever you want, just don’t go away again.