Bites: The perfect H.P. Lovecraft gift, bad panels, Bukowski’s computer, Todd Barry, Thurston Moore, and more.


If you really want to know what I want for Hannukah, go over to Propnomicon and pick me up some gear from Miskatonic University.  Because nothing says Jewish holiday like H.P. Lovecraft.  (Thanks Jacket Copy)


  • If you want a really funny schill for your new book, might we suggest Jon Stewart?  Oh, it would seem that Josh Lieb already figured that out.
  • This bite on Bukowski and his computer begs the question: “Would Chuck have blogged?”


  • Thurston hearts The Who,  but he hates iPod’s.  Even though I am pretty sure I have seen him playing with an iPhone before, I guess iPods are totally different.

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