Happening: Readings in Weird Places


There are the obvious selling points to hosting a reading series in a book store or a bar. The extra support from getting new customers into an indie bookstore is always good and in terms of cozy factor, can anything really beat a book store? (especially one with a good cat). A bar? Well, I’ve always heard people mention that nobody likes to drink quite like a writer, and I have learned that over the last twelve months as curator of the Vol. 1 Brooklyn Storytelling Series this is indeed true, but sometimes it isn’t always the most welcoming of settings.  But as evidenced recently, by the people at Underwater New York, who hosted their launch party on a sunken ship, events that include live readings don’t necessarily need to be confined to specific surroundings. This week, that theory is put to the test yet again.

First, on Friday the 23rd, a very Heartworm Press heavy event will be hosted by Chris Leo and takes place on a double decker bus with Max G. Morton, Jonathan Shaw, and Norman Coady reading and ranting while your host shows you the “seediest haunts” of the Lower East Side and Brooklyn. Now if you have read Mr. Leo’s “fictional tale”, 57 Octaves (Fifth Planet Press), you are aware that Mr. Leo knows a little something about being a tour guide in NYC, and if you have been to any Heartworm related events, you know there are no two that are alike. So this is well worth looking into. Tickets available at Other Music, and the event is “BYO”. Please note the absence of the last “B”. Bring your own anything. The bus leaves promptly at 8pm from the Washington Square Park Arch.

Also of note, our friends at Aztec Economy are taking over a ship for a night.  On Sunday, October 25th, with performances by their own group, and Everywhere Theater Group.  It’s ten bucks, and luckily the boat stays docked so nobody should be able to complain about getting seasick.

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