Bites: Zadie Smith, Obama Bowing, Studs Terkel was a Watched Man, Pondering Proust, End of the Decade Lists, New Moon vs. Gilmore Girls, and More

SF Chronicle and L.A. Times both review Zadie Smith’s Changing My MindThe Millions comment on the reviews “non-committal, guarded praise” and go on to call it “wunderkind jealousy”.

The Guardian says of Smith, “criticism is a bodily pleasure“.

Time Out New York weighs in on Changing, name drops a bunch of other great writers while doing so.  End up liking the book.


  • Over at HTML Giant, a video of author Mike Heppner.  The man has great concentration while driving and talking, this impressed a great deal. He also says that a Dan Brown book isn’t publishing, it’s a “buisness transaction”.  I like this guy.


  • Conservatives expose Obama for the pinko he is.  Bowing =’s Stalinism.  Proof that when we are all in the work camps, we will probably be forced to be courteous to each other.
  • Bush Sr. and Bush Jr. bowed.  But of course, I’m sure it was a different kind of bow.  One with authority and stuff.  Not some liberal/commie sorta gesture.

Playlists, top 10’s, etc.

  • NPR picks the best recordings of the decade.  Awkward picture of Sam Beam (Iron and Wine), Norah Jones, Wilco, and Kelly Clarkson sorta sums up the decade where the line between “indie rock” and “mainstream” was totally blown up.  Thanks.

Okay, we are a teeny bit excited about the new Twilight film.  So what?

And finally.