Bites: Coppenhagen Winds Down, Inspiring Writers, Writer Mystique, Paul Bowles, Journalist Deaths, Gay Albums, and More

(Poster via Boing Boing)

The World Climate Conference in Copenhagen is winding down, but there has been some great reporting.  Our friend Aaron Lake Smith in particular has supplied us with some interesting points of view at Audobon Magazine.

David Corn at Mother Jones: “geo-politics trumped geo-science.”

Thom Yorke is hanging out and looking like a derelict.  Maybe trying to fit in with the protesters?


I’d be fascinated to know what Bowles would think of our current world’s increasingly more generalized struggle between, I’m told, the Secular West and the Islamic East.

  • Facebook, Twitter, etc. Are they killing the mystique of the writer?  Well, up until this point, I had never known about the writer about this article, so these things can’t hurt.

Of note in music