Anybody Else Sick of the Angry J.D. Salinger Picture?

The New Republic has a piece on Salinger’s letters at the Morgan.  They use the photo in question.

He writes of two “shitty literary kids” who ambushed him for the sake of a photograph: “The wonder is that I have any kind of face at all left, grim or otherwise. Piss on ’em all.”


  1. i linked to the pic too, so i’ll defend it.

    that picture is awesome, b/c authors no longer get angry. everyone is looking coy & smart in their jacket photos. not since hunter thompson looked angry, yelling & shooting stuff. mailer looked angry sometimes, yelling & swinging his fists. maybe william vollman is now ticked off.

    we need more photos of angry authors. let’s start a joint tumblr blog of authors looking angry. NO ONE TAKE THIS IDEA.

  2. We should start asking writers to pose for pictures. Call the blog “Authors Getting Angry”