Emily Gould Causes Blogger Existential Crisis

Obviously there is love between Vol. 1 Brooklyn/Impose/Josh Spilker (Deckfight).  This is why after read Josh’s thoughts on Emily Gould and her new book, And the Heart Says Whatever, I became worried about the guy.  I have these (very meta) visions of Josh sitting under a tree in the Carolinas (North or South, you pick), giving this subject too much thought, sweating nervously as he types away:

I don’t get memoirs about how a big blog treated you badly. I don’t get the crisis that comes from “sharing” your life. I don’t get sharing about crises about sharing about your life.

Let Emily Gould enter here. She got fired from a big blog network or something, I don’t really know (memoirs are about ‘my truth’ right?). The NY Times puts her in their magazine. She does want her life shared because she keeps writing about it. Emily has a new memoir, And The Heart Says Whatever.

Wait, I haven’t read the book so I am now what this reviewer at The Rumpus calls “hungry for…an excuse to revive the attacks that unfolded in the aftermath of that Times Magazine article, and, generally, a pretext to be dismissive, dickish, and haughty about our oversharing, blog-based culture.”

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