Question: Is Glenn Danzig a Great Songwriter or an Awful One?

I was just thinking about the line “an omelet of disease awaits your noontime meal,” and  I can’t tell if it’s a really good lyric, or a completely terrible one.

Also, did Danzig write all those lyrics straight from the dome, or did he employ a cut-up technique like Burroughs did?

I want answers!


  1. obviously you’re one of the thousands internet kids that don’t have a clue abut anything related to danzig. you got that crappy lirics from which is bunch of idiot kids that adore crappy jerry only clown. lyrics that they posted are incorrect because they were “figured out” by them and crappy jerry, because glenn had no intention to give them proper lyrics after he gave them right to perform as misfits.
    some proper lyrics are published in “hidden lyrics” book, read that and get a clue.