Liveblogging My First Thoughts About the new Walkmen Album, Lisbon

Posted by Jason Diamond

I’m sure you’re saying “who the fuck cares?” but I feel like instead of giving you 500 words of hyperbole laced criticism, I’d write a track by track reaction to the latest album by The Walkmen, Lisbon, live, as I stream off NPR.

Song 1: “Juveniles”

Last year, I really liked the debut LP by California band Foreign Born.  After listening to this opening track–which pretty much keeps the typical formula for a Walkmen song–I realized that this band actually has had a good deal of influence on modern music.  That’s a very good thing.

As for this track, it’s nice; little rubber band drum beat, sparse and easy. Some guy in my office asks me to “turn it up”.

Song 2: “Angela Surf City”

The title fits the song.  Surf beat drums with a little bass noodling.  Great stuff.

Song 3: “Follow the Leader”

Who’s “the leader” I wonder?  I like the guitar work, but the drum beat sounds like a retarded person trying to play a Gories song.  I’m pausing this to buy a diet Coke.  (I’m drinking diet Coke because I feel fat)

Song 4: “Blue as Your Blood”

There’s something very grating about this tick-tock guitar intro that sounds something like the Rawhide theme song.  It’s weird how I’ve never seen an episode of Rawhide, but I know the theme.  I don’t like this song.

Song 5: “Stranded”

This song isn’t working for some reason.

Song 6: “Victory”

Shit, I’m going to skip this one also.  This is one of those songs that you get the feeling was okay enough to make the album, but only because it was a little bit better than the other stuff.

Song 7: “All My Great Designs”

Seriously dudes, you guys are losing me.  The guy next to me just asked if I could continue listening to the album with headphones on.  I think we know his review.

Song 8: “Woe is Me”

Yes!  Keep it up with the surf rock stuff.  This sounds like The Edge joined The Ventures.  Awesome song!

Song 9: “Torch Song”

First thought is if you’re going to name a song “Torch Song,” make it an actual torch song.  Thankfully, they do.  Beautifully done gentlemen.

Song 10: “Lisbon”

Heard this one a few weeks ago, and loved it.   Calling this one of the best tracks of the year right here.

Song 11: “While I Shovel the Snow”

There is something comforting and meditative about shoveling the snow.  I get the feeling The Walkmen were trying to channel that into this closing track.  I listen to this, and I realize that it’s going to be 100 degrees tomorrow, and I begin thinking to myself that I will probably be listening to a few of the songs off this album when the snow begins falling again.

Overall: Not a bad album.  I’m not the hugest fan of The Walkmen, but they’re way better than a good number of bands who came long after they did, and are currently getting way more respect/money/blog love that The Walkmen deserve.  This all sounds good, and if you like the band, you will probably love the shit out of this album.