Dick Watching: The Chase

Posted by Juliet Linderman

Hey there Dicksters, you know what time it is. That’s right: It’s dick time. Moby Dick, that is. Here are your weekly links, for your viewing pleasure.

Let’s get started!

1.       In crazy whale news that will knock your proverbial socks off, an enormous whale skeleton from the 18th century (that’s 1700s, dudes) was discovered on an archeological dig in London.  Apparently it’s the biggest skeleton that’s ever been recovered in one piece in this part of the world. It was recovered from thick mud near Greenwich, a historical maritime center east of the city. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a head. I guess you can’t have everything. But what scientists do know is the leviathan was approximately 52 feet long, and was a North  Atlantic Right Whale, which are  now tremendously rare. According to its odd positioning—right near the harbor—archeologists believe the whale was initially dragged onto shore and butchered for its meat, oil and baleen. Gross. Anyway, if you’re in London go see it—the skeleton is going to be send to the London Museum of Natural History next week.

2.        Some possibly shady business t Sea World in San Diego, where their 12-year-old Orca just up and died on Tuesday. Luckily, some gumshoe types are working hard to crack the case wide open, and are doing a necropsy:

“Obviously something went wrong. Did it get a virus like West Nile? Did it eat a poisoned fish? Did it seem fine, but it turns out it hit its head?” Gaydos said.”

Apparently, Gaydos’ job is investigating Orca deaths. I don’t know how that can be your job.

3. Moving right along: If you don’t think this is awesome, then don’t ever talk to me again: A California scientist has been recording the songs of blue whales and has learned that these big blue gentle giants have perfect pitch. How cool is that? As if blue whales weren’t cute enough. According to the scientist responsible for the study, different whale populations have their own signature sound:

Using underwater microphones installed off the coast of northern California’s Half Moon Bay, Bland captured 4,378 blue whale songs and analyzed the whales’ B calls, the long, sad moan that forms the second half of the song used by whales in the eastern North Pacific. Scientists believe that whale populations have their own signature tunes.”

Rock on, blue whales!

4. If you thought the Moby-Dick-as-told-with-dragons movie was a bad idea, wait until you see what Image Entertainment wants to bring to Blue Ray on December 7th. It’s like Texas Chainsaw Massacre…But on a whale ship! And instead of chainsaws, they use harpoons! Terrifying! Check out the trailer, it’s gross. Just a warning, you’ll never get this minute and a half back.

5. Moby-Dick in Hebrew.  Just in time for the (Jewish) new year.