Vol. 1 Brooklyn Presents: The Greatest 3-Minute Top Ten Lists Ever

We’re excited to announce the next installation of our signature “Greatest 3-Minute Series Ever,” happening on 11/3 at Bar Matchless in Brooklyn.  This month, Vol.1 will be bringing readers The Greatest 3-Minute Top Ten Lists of All Time.  Our lineup of readers will be asked to present a top ten list on a subject of their choosing, and have three minutes to present and explain that list in any way they see fit.

This is the third in the “Greatest 3-Minute Series Ever,” the first two being “The Greatest 3-Minute Rock n’ Roll Show Ever” and “The Greatest 3-Minute Record Reviews Ever“.  In the past, we’ve asked some of New York’s finest writers, comedians, musicians, bloggers, and other talented folks to participate, and this one is no different.  With that said, this one is definitely our most ambitious event yet, working under the assumption that everybody loves a good top ten list, so why not present over fifteen of the best, live, and on stage?

So without further wait, we present the lineup for The Greatest 3-Minute Top Ten Lists Ever.

Tim Harrington (Les Savy Fav)
Dave Hill (World-Class Entertainer)
Julia Wertz (Writer/artist, “Fart Party“)
Brandon Stosuy (Stereogum)
Jennifer Gilmore (Author, Something Red)
Chris Leo (Author)
Meaghan O’Connell (Editor, Coming & Crying)
Adam Frucci (Splitsider.com)
Kevin Pederson (What’s Your Rupture Records)
Billy & Adam (Snakes/Harvard Sailing Team)
Rachel Coleman (PopJew/blogger)
Lincoln Michel (The Faster Times/Gigantic Mag)
Deenah Vollmer (The New Yorker)
Rozalia Jovanovic (The Rumpus/Gigantic/Flavorpill)
Mikki Halpin (writer, Mikkipedia)
Marc Tracy (Tablet Magazine)
Nick Curley (Vol. 1 Brooklyn Editor)

Special musical guest: Sneaky Legend

November 3rd


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