Up the Punx: Photos of Riot Grrrl Zines and Henry Rollins vs. The Hipsters

Posted by Jason Diamond

I’m home with a cold today, which is sort of awesome because I can sit and look at the photos of Riot Grrrl zines Flavorwire has up right now.  This got me to thinking that the time is more than right to do some sort of Riot Grrrl zine anthology book.  Touch and Go got one, so did Cometbus and Burn Collector, and with all due respect, Riot Grrrl deserves one more.  (Except for maybe Cometbus.)

Also necessary is the Henry Rollins freaking out on people at Cake Shop video getting broken down at Vulture.  Totally worth reading after you’ve watched the video for a 6th time to see Rollins explain that Get in the Van was a very famous book.