Johnny Depp: Man of Other Letters

Something learned while reading the Vanity Fair interview between Johnny Depp and Patti Smith, is that Depp is the owner of letters and manuscripts written by people like Dylan Thomas, Jack Kerouac and Arthur Rimbaud.



  1. You have every right to like or dislike anyone you want. But, I will say that Johnny Depp is a very nice guy. I’ve been lucky enough to spend a bit of time with him, and in talking with him, within minutes you are comfortable and are able to forget he is a “movie star.” Also, Patti Smith is a close friend of both Johnny and his partner, Vanessa Paradis. Patti also did an interview with Vanessa a few months ago. Now, go back to your anger and judgments of someone you’ve never met.

  2. I was going to leave a comment, but then I was so surprised to read that Vol. 1 has readers who are cool enough to hang out with Captian Jack Sparrow that I totally forgot what I wanted to say.

  3. poor Jason. You have no imagination, or it would be nothing to understand why anyone who loved these authors would enjoy owning their letters. So all you’ve done is expose how pathetically jealous and petty you are. you should delete this whole topic really it won’t get you any points