List of Songwriters that Should be in the Rock Hall of Fame

Posted by Jason Diamond

Tom Waits and Neil Diamond are two of the greatest songwriters of the 20th Century — and now they’re going into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Even though I think the Hall is sort of a crock of poopie (rock and roll shouldn’t be an “establishment,” blah blah blah), here is a list of other people who had a hand in writing amazing songs that should be inducted for me to really care.  And of course feel free to add names to the comments:

1.  Even though The Kinks are in there, there should be an entire wing dedicated to Ray Davies

2.  Nick Cave

3. Kathleen Hanna (even though she would refuse)

4. Richard Hell

5.  The Judeo-Christian God, Satan and/or all Norse and Pagan gods that have influenced any soul, metal, black metal, Sufjan Stevens and hip hop award acceptance speeches.


  1. It’s too soon, but eventually John Darnielle. T-Model Ford. Junior Kimbrough. Daniel Johnston? Also too soon, but he should get a spot in there some day.