Good Things to do for the Holidays: Charles Bock’s Family, Help a Drummer, Literary Kickstarter and More

Posted by Jason Diamond

Did you save money this year on your holiday shopping?  Did you get a bag of cash for Hanukkah?  Are you an atheist millionaire with a heart of gold and a pension for tax breaks?  Here are four ways to do something good this holiday season:

1.  Give some cash to Charles Bock’s family.  His wife is in the hospital with leukemia and need some help.  There is a massive benefit planned for February (see flyer above), but you can go to the website and donate right now.

2. Tim Monaghan, the drummer in bands Girls in Trouble and Golem, fractured his skull and needs help.

3. Support a great lit. journal and publisher like Open City.

4. 5 literary Kickstarter projects you should support.