There Is A New Aislers Set Song; Ergo, All Is Well In the World

Posted by Tobias Carroll

The Aislers Set have made, to date, three full-length albums and many singles, with punk energy and arrangements rooted in 60s garage and girl-group pop. They haven’t released anything since 2003’s fantastic How I Learned to Write Backwards, though their basic sonic template has become a bit more widespread as of late. (The same could be said for singer/guitarist Amy Linton’s previous band Henry’s Dress. If neither band’s name rings a bell and you’re a fan of, say, Vivian Girls, you have some pleasant musical discoveries ahead of you.)

Just before 2010 came to an end, the fine people at Suicide Squeeze Records announced the recording of a new Aislers Set song, titled “Cold Christmas.” It opens at a stately pace, features vocal turns from both Amy Linton and Wyatt Cusick, and slowly grows in scope from intimate to ornate. If you’re already a fan, it’s a great reminder of why; if you’re not, it’s a fine introduction to their music.