We Shot Some Books

Posted by Jason Diamond

True story: me, Scott Lindenbaum of Electric Literature/Broadcastr and a few other folks were sitting around having some drinks and the idea came up to shoot the biggest books of 2010.  After several beers, this seemed liked a phenomenal idea; one that I would surely sleep off and forget about.  A week later, Scott called me to say that a shooting range had been secured, and we were indeed going to shoot the largest books of the year. I laughed for a moment and told him “that’s hilarious, great joke,” and was then assured that he was not joking, and we needed to get copies of the books in question.

I’m a nice Jewish boy from the suburbs.  I once shot a BB gun, and it ricocheted off an already dead squirrel and hit me in the shoulder.  The closest I ever got to firing a gun was while playing Duck Hunt, and the idea of hanging out with a bunch of gun lovers frankly frightened me a little bit, but for the sake of being able to say I stepped foot in a shooting range, I tagged along, and the above video was created.


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