Dick Watching: The Sperm Whale’s Head

Oh hey, dude! I totally didn’t see you there. How are you? It’s so good to see you, it’s been forever. Did you go to that party on Saturday night? I know, I had to work, totally sucks. Hey, quick question: I don’t know, maybe your roommate asked you this already but, do you want to go Dick Watching right now? You do? I was hoping you’d say that. Cool, let’s go, we can take my brother’s car.

Dudes: Let’s talk about dogs for a second. Remember when we all thought it was really cool that dolphins and seals can be trained to detect bombs? Well, dogs are being trained to help save the whales—by detecting their shit in the water. These “Scat Detecting” pups will essentially help scientists track whale populations by locating their poop. One in particular—a dog called Tucker—is getting pretty famous for it. Also, you should read this heartwarming article that is only partially related, about a Doberman who was rescued by a dolphin. Aw.

You guys, remember that old, sick, sort of melted whale I told you about last week? Don’t be too sad, he’s not dying: he’s just got scoliosis.

The Houston Chronicle has a lovely little list of factoids about, that’s right: pygmy sperm whales. Enjoy!

Poor baby dolphins are washing up on the beach along the Gulf Coast. Is it 2012 already?