Morning Bites: Mountain Goats Book, Egan talks to Granta, Wild Flag is the new Fugazi, and More

YES!  John Darnielle talks about his novel!  (Via Largehearted Boy)

“I’m working on it really slowly, and at this point, I expect to finish it when I’m 80 or something because I’m being really meticulous about revising it and am really ambitious about it,” he explains. “It’s about a guy who, when he was young, damaged himself very badly and finds himself in a position reflecting on other people who are as young as he once was and are also in the process of damaging themselves. It’s a novel and I’m happy with the individual chapters I have, but I wish it went quicker.”

  • Former British prime minister, Gordon Brown, pens an essay on slain Russian journalist, Anna Politkovskaya.
  • Mary Timony = Ian MacKaye, Carrie Brownstein = Guy Picciotto, Rebecca Cole = Joe Lally, Janet Weiss = Brendan Canty. Roughly. How Wild Flag is the new Fugazi