Guess the real BEA Craigslist missed connection

Posted by Jason Diamond and Tobias Carroll

“You traded me a Colin Meloy galley for a Maile Meloy galley. Our eyes met; you had to rush off to the 7x20x21 presentation before I could ask your name.”

“We had a long conversation about Edward Lear after hearing Lev Grossman recite “The Owl and the Pussycat” at Lolita. Accidentally dropped your business card while buying a vegan cupcake at Babycakes two blocks down on the way home.”

“You were at booth #212.  You may have been an intern — possibly underage.  I’m willing to take risks, but are you, my Lolita?”

“You may or may not have been Margaret Atwood.  Either way, I’m horny.”

“You were standing at the back of the main hall wearing a tight green top and skirt with wired hair, caramel complexion, sandals. I was wearing a white jacket asked for directions to Autograph area. You said “Oh I don’t know…But I have a map!” I have been looking for you ever since. Can’t get you out of my mind. Please email me I must see you again!”