Huffington Post validates my poor choice in beach reads

Posted by Jason Diamond

I was worried that I’d be thought of as strange for reading Solzhenitsyn’s account of Soviet labor camps while taking advantage of beautiful summer weather, but according to some nameless AOL/Ariana Huffington employee, The Gulag Archipelago doesn’t count as a bad beach read. I mean, it might actually be a horrible choice for relaxing in the sand, but since it’s not on this list, I’m going to believe otherwise

Now some of you might call the many Huffington Post lists pointless, but I see it different, because now I am going to sit on any given beach that I may be at this summer, and I am going to look for the person reading #8 on the list, “A Stingray Bit My Nipple! True Stories From Real Travelers,” and when I find them, I will feel so much better about myself.