Band Booking: Mountain Man

Posted by Jason Diamond

Made the Harbor, the second album by Vermont trio Mountain Man, has been my go to summer album for the second straight year.  It’s the perfect record to play while sitting on a porch (or in my case, a stoop), drink bourbon out of mason jars, and just chill out.

Listen: Mountain Man – “Play it Right”

The band have hit the road again, and will be in NYC at Mercury Lounge on the 28th.  Amelia Randall Meath answered a few questions for us.

Mountain Man’s most recent release is a live recording.  Does the preparation to record a live concert differ from any other show?

I am not sure if we knew that the show was being recorded at all, so we just did exactly as we wished to, which is what we try to do normally.

Since Mountain Man’s music consists mainly of a trio of voices that leaves a good deal of concentration on what you’re singing about to the listener.  What is your lyric writing process like?

Oh! It’s like all sorts of things! It’s like going raspberry picking. We each write our own lyrics, and usually a melody.  The harmonies are written together.

Have any of your songs ever been influenced by literature?

Yes. Books are very important to us, though not many of the songs point directly to a particular text. I have not asked Molly or Alex. They might have a different answer. Did you know that Queen never talked about the meaning of their songs?

I think I did, actually.  So when you’re on tour is there a Mountain Man reading list for the road?  Any specific book being read in the van, or any particular books any of you have liked while touring in the past?
There was a point where we were all reading Anne Mccaffrey’s dragon song books. Alex gave us each a copy.
We listen to Harry potter on tape when we are sleepy but now it’s gotten soporific too.

I have read the entire Wrinkle in Time series, and all of Narnia, The Forest People by Charles m. Turnbull, Long Life Honey In the Heart by Martin Pretchtell and right now I am reading The Witch Doctor’s Apprentice by Nicole Maxwell.  Under Milk Wood by Dylan Thomas is my favorite.

What’s coming up next?

Eating delicious food and singing with as many people as possible!   Maybe starting a dance team.