Civic Pride Returns: This Time, It’s Jersey

This Thursday, November 17th at 7 p.m., Vol.1 will be presenting the third edition of our Civic Pride series. The fine people at WORD in Greenpoint (126 Franklin St.) will be hosting; the area focused on this time will be the always-popular New Jersey. And it will feature (in alphabetical order):

* Barbara Browning (author of The Correspondence Artist and the forthcoming I’m Trying to Reach You);
* Jackie Corley (author of The Suburban Swindle and editor/publisher of Word Riot);
* A.N. Devers (of Writers Houses fame);
* Amy Klein (whose writings on music and feminism are a must-read);
* Maris Kreizman (of Slaughterhouse 90210);
* Hirsh Sawnhey (contributor to Akashic’s New Jersey Noir & editor of Dehli Noir)

There will be beer! And perhaps we will display our version of a recent pop hit — a reworking we’d like to call “Garden State of Mind.” (Probably not, though. The world may not be ready for the full Vol.1 musical experience.) Facebook RSVP here.

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