When Isaac Asimov worked for Radio Shack

Posted by Jason Diamond

Isaac Asimov was supposedly born on this day in 1920.  According to the writer and editor of over 500 books:

“The date of my birth, as I celebrate it, was January 2, 1920. It could not have been later than that. It might, however, have been earlier. Allowing for the uncertainties of the times, of the lack of records, of the Jewish and Julian calendars, it might have been as early as October 4, 1919. There is, however, no way of finding out. My parents were always uncertain and it really doesn’t matter. I celebrate January 2, 1920, so let it be.”

While his exact birth date might be somewhat of a mystery, what we do know for sure about his 72 years on planet Earth is this: nobody sold Radio Shack products quite like Isaac Asimov.

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