Notes on Quentin Rowan, Yeti, and Bits of Spy Novels

Posted by Tobias Carroll

Yeti editor Mike McGonigal recently set up a blog, including a page with some information on upcoming Yeti books. One of them? Quentin Rowan’s Never Say Goodbye.

Right about now would probably be a good time to link to Edward Champion’s coverage of the plagiarism in Rowan’s spy novel Assassin of Secrets (written under the name QR Markham); there’s also a piece on Rowan in this week’s New Yorker.

On his site, McGonigal has this to say about the upcoming book: “I decided to publish it because I think it’s a really good book, and that it turns out Mr. Rowan really is a strong writer. Too bad it took all this craziness for him to finally write.” The reception for this book should be an interesting one…