This Is What Happens When You Try And Teach Huckleberry Finn As It Was Written

Chicago teacher Lincoln Brown was suspended for five days without pay for trying to teach his students about racism by discussing the original way Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn was written as an example.  

Brown is now suing the school in federal district court for violation of his constitutional rights, and also because he thinks his career could be ruined for such an ordeal.  The teacher said his 6th grade class was having a discussion on racial stereotyping, and “how that words really shape peoples ideas of who you are.”

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  1. The Video clearly demonstrates that this has NOTHING to do with Huckleberry Finn AT ALL. He’s a sixth grade Social Studies teacher teaching a quick lesson about racial stereotypes after he intercepted a racist note in class. Suggesting that his had to do with teaching literature is inflammatory and immoral.

  2. This story has nothing to do with teaching Huck Finn. This is a story about a teacher intercepting a note and then trying to teach his students about the word ‘nigger.’ Punishment was too harsh but your title is misleading.